Hepton Family

Jenn and Nic Hepton struggled with infertility for 10 years. In 2013, Jenn was pregnant with twins and had to terminate for medical reasons (TFM); she went on to suffer multiple miscarriages. In 2017, Jenn and Nic’s daughter, Loey, was stillborn. They describe the impact compassionate care can have on grief; the experience of losing their twins was completely different than that of their daughter, largely because of how their loss was acknowledged by Jenn’s healthcare providers.

Jenn and Nic Hepton sit on their porch stairs with two dogs
An old black and white photo of Jenn and Nic Hepton in the hospital. Nic is leaning over Jenn as she holds their stilborn daughter, Loey
Silhouette shadow of Nic Hepton standing in front of a window

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